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Agency service on the highest level

Our mission is to provide professional service, knowledge based on many years of experience and loyal network of high-end showrooms to the selected brands we represent in our countries.By the same time we offer technical and daily work support to customers with whom we cooperate; we train them, delivery all current sales materials and they can always count on our support with any question - from ordering to technical products details. We want to create mediatory service on the highest level to make relations and sell results between factories and dealers as much effective as it is only possible.


Our work is a passion

In 2017 we decided to create our agency portfolio based not only at the experience but also our own standards - quality, simplicity, tailor-made solutions & hand-made production, unconventional way of creation and technology. This is how appears the portoflio which offers unique furniture, lighting, wallpapers and beautiful accessories

Archetic agency is not only job, but passion matched - experience, knowledage and enjoy of working with people who share and join the same feelings, atmosphere of work and who create their design with heart. We belive that the most powerful thing which stands behind the business are people who run it. This is why we work with carefully selected dealers and brands.


Our brands

We represent leaders of the design world

We represent leaders of the design world - in our portfolio we have brands like Italamp, Kundalini, Bomma, Amini, or Nude Glass, but at the same time we promote high-quality smaller companies and we work on their growing position in the market of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. This is why in our portfolio you will also find brands like TossB, or Moon Moth.



TossB in our portfolio

Belgian contemporary lighting company TossB is from now on a part of our portfolio. We have been looking for a long time to find a company that represents a minimalist, functional and at the same time very original and artistic style. The TossB collection made a huge impression on us and we understood immediately that this is what we were looking for. Their approach to lighting design is exceptional - functionality, the latest technology but also understanding of the unique place taken up by light in our lives and its influence on our sense of well-being are considered very crucial elements. 


Our brands in Oxygen project

We are proud to show you a result of cooperation between our portfolio , Galeria Heban, Muc&Scott architects and Złota 44. Our brands - Inkiostro Bianco, Nude Glass and Amini became a part of amazing project at 50th floor of the highest and the most expensive buildings in Poland. 

Project: Muc&Scott Interior Studio
Oxygen - a device on the 50th floor of the Złota 44 skyscraper in Warsaw

Photo: Złota 44

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